Heating cables and frost protection of sprinklers

Sprinklerheat delivers high-quality heating cables and frost protection of sprinkler systems. All products have been carefully tested and may be equipped with additional functions to allow them to be customized to meet specific needs.

Frost protection of sprinkler systems

In a climate like ours, frost protection of sprinkler systems is crucial, especially in frost-prone areas. With Sprinklerheat, you get a facility that meets all the requirements for monitoring heating cables with respect to frost protection of sprinkler systems. The system consists only of quality parts and programmable functions allow you to customize it to suit your individual needs. This is important since different buildings also have different factors to be taken into account in calculations.

Frost protection of sprinkler systems using Sprinklerheat can also be easily connected to the building's own SD system or fire warning system. You can use address cards that notify the fire alarm system if there are any errors or irregularities in the system.  If desired, the system can also be supplied with SMS notification or phone call in case of an error in the system, but this is optional and must be ordered separately.

Sprinklerheat has a control cabinet with two separate supply cables that connect to two separate heating cable circuits for temperature monitoring to achieve programmed redundancy in operation of the facility. The control cabinet is equipped with potential-free connectors for connection to the local SD facility fire alarm system.

The system should be tested once a week in accordance with NS-EN12845. This is a simple operation that takes no more than about 20 seconds. Remember to disconnect both safety circuits in the fuse box when working on the facility, since there may be danger to life and health if power is not disconnected when working on the control cabinet.

If you want to hear more about frost protection of the sprinkler system, or you have any questions about the control cabinet, please feel free to contact us by email.

Here you can see heating cable 1

Here you can see heating cable 2 on the same pipe

Heating cables on sprinklers

By using heating cables in sprinklers, our Sprinklerheat system ensures an efficient, regulatory and not least safe way to secure the sprinkler system in frost-prone areas. In our climate, frost protection of sprinkler facilities is crucial and with this system you can be sure that you will be promptly notified of any system failure or if the temperature has dropped too much on the sprinklers.

To ensure optimal functioning of the system, we have only used quality parts and materials that have been tested and checked. The system also has various additional functions that can be programmed in to meet your needs and wishes.

Sprinklerheat is developed by Incendium Consult AS in close cooperation with Sandefjord Automasjon AS and the system meets all public requirements for monitoring heating cables at sprinklers in accordance with NS-EN12845.

If you have any questions about heating cables for sprinkler systems or would like to find out more about how our system can frost proof sprinklers in your building, you are welcome to contact us by email or you can use the form found here on our website.


Please contact us for more information about heating cables and frost protection of sprinklers.

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