About Sprinklerheat frost protection

Sprinklerheat frost protection can be adapted to any sprinkler system and can be supplied with SMS notification.

Technical Information

The control system is built for supply to heating cables and monitoring of heating cables installed in sprinkler systems in accordance with NS-EN12845, paragraph

Tilkobling 2
230VAC 16 A +10%/-15%
Varmekabler: Maks 5 W/ meter enleder kabel og maks 10 W/meter toleder kabel
Maks tilkobling effekt
per kurs:
13,3 A
Frekvens: 45 til 65 Hz
Tavlenormen: NEK EN (IEC) 61439-1/2
NEK norm: NEK 400:2014
Lavspenningsdirektiv: 2006/95/EC
EMC Direktiv: 2004/108/EEC
Klassifisering: IEC 60721-3-3

The purpose is to ensure the safe and regulatory operation of the sprinkler system in frost-prone areas.
This is achieved through the operation of heating cables in sprinkler systems using 2 separate circuits from the main distribution, together with electronic monitoring of signals and equipment that may affect operation.

The control board has 2 separate supply cables connected to 2 separate temperature monitoring systems to achieve programmed redundancy in operation of the facility.

The control cabinet is equipped with lamps for operation and error messages, two PID regulators with operation and alarm output, as well as two temperature sensors for installation in the piping system.

In addition, the control board is equipped with potential-free connectors for connection to local SD facilities with the functions:

Error Heating cable 1
Error Heating cable 2
Operation Heating cable 1
Operation Heating cable 2

 There is also a buzzer in the front panel for each circuit which will emit sound in case of failure of the control cabinet. The buzzers have no reset button (or the like), so any errors must be corrected before they turn off.


The regulators will be set at +5°C. If the temperature drops below this, the heating cables will put on standstill heating to prevent frost in the facility. The temperature of the pipes will be maintained until the ambient temperature returns to above 5°C. Then the system will shut down the heating cables and will not re-activate them until the ambient temperature drops below +5°C again.

Control Circuit:

This circuit contains temperature sensors from the pipeline and the regulators for control.


Lamps for Error VK 1 or Error VK 2 will illuminate if there is a fuse trip or mains failure in one of the supply lines.
Lamps for Error VK 1 or Error VK 2 will also illuminate if the ambient temperature drops below + 4.5°C.
This then warns of broken heating cables.
Once a week, testing of the control cabinet should be carried out in accordance with NS-EN12845, paragraph

This is done by inserting the key into the test position.

Turn the key to Test VK 1 and this will illuminate a red lamp for Error VK 1 for a few seconds before it goes over to Operation VK l. Repeat this operation by turning the key to Test VK 2. This will illuminate a red lamp for Error VK 2 for a few seconds before it goes over to Operation VK 2. There is no main system circuit breaker.

This is to prevent the system from being turned off and deactivated. To ensure the lives and health of personnel, both fuse circuits must be disconnected in the fuse box when working on the facility. Remember that the cabinet has two separate single-phase 16A supplies.

After completion of work, the fuses must be reinstalled and the facility reactivated. The system should ONLY be installed by authorized personnel.


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